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Camber Sands Beach Holiday Near Rye, UK

Published on November 2, 2014 by admin

Visiting Camber Sands

Camber Sands Beach is a place that we visit often, based at the town of Camber and very close to Rye (only a few miles away). This beach is known for its great sand dunes and popularity in the summer months for holidaymakers!

Camber Sands Beach Panorama

I personally love the large expanses of beach here stretching out across the water and the large amount of space leading up to the dunes. There are so many UK beaches that only allow for a small stretch of sand that is often compromised by the rising tide. You will find that this beach has more than enough space to have a picnic or even a game of football.

This open beach offers a liberating feeling and is great for walks and fresh air. It is also ideal for children swimming around since it has a gradual drop off as it goes out to sea. You can go out pretty far and still be in shallow waters up to your knee.


Camber Sands Beach

How to Get There

We usually get there by train from London to Rye and the beach is 3 and a half miles to the beach from the station (see map of station).

There is a beautiful footpath that goes from the town of Rye, through fields, past roads and streams and leads you to Camber Sands (see map of walk). This is perfect on a sunny day when you want to heat yourself up before dipping your toes in the water. There are also lots of cyclists on the path if you are thinking about bringing your bikes.

Another option is to take a cab or use the car parks in Camber. There are three car parks available (Western, Central and a new car park on Old Lydd road). Central is the only car park with direct beach access. The Western car park requires you to climb over the high sand dunes and might be a problem if you have a pram or wheelchair (closes at 8pm).


Lunch at the Beach

There are a few snack shops right on the beach. We usually grab a jacket potato and a drink to fill our stomachs. You can find the usual beach food available for visitors – chips, soda, sandwiches etc (nothing fancy but does the job).


Seagulls at Camber Sands Beach

What to Do?

We usually spend the day walking up and down the beach, getting lunch and going for a swim. However, this is definitely an active beach with kite-surfing, games of football and a lot more happening!

This is a nice place for families or couples enjoying a day away from the city. There are also lots of holiday rental opportunities nearby that are affordable and very close to the water.


Have you been to Camber Sands?

Please share any tips below about visiting this beach.

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