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Flam Railway: Norway’s Most Beautiful Train Ride

Published on September 6, 2015 by admin

The Flam Railway in Norway

We had the opportunity to take a ride on the Flam Railway in the springtime. The Flam Line is a 20.2 kilometer long railway journey that runs between Mydral and Flam in Aurland, Norway. It runs through the beautiful valley of Flamsdalen.

This railway is famous for offering panoramic views of the magnificent Norwegian fjord landscape. It is also known as one of the steepest train-lines in the world, with 80% of the journey having a gradient of 5.5%.


The Journey

We went from Flam to Mydral. This train ride took us from the fjord by Flam into the high mountain plateau at Mydral. We then doubled back, going from Mydral to Flam. The journey took about 40 minutes each way.


You can expect to see steep mountains, rushing waterfalls and wild scenery. You will find that from Flam to Mydral, the jounrey is more crowded. A lot of people try to take photos through the windows and rush from side to side to capture the scenery. I found that anything I missed the first time around I got to see on the journey back from Mydral to Flam. So don’t worry if you miss anything since there is the chance to see everything twice.


Attractions along the way

Kjofossen: This waterfall is a higlight of the train ride. The train makes a full stop and you have the opportunity to take a photo in front of the waterfall. When we stopped here, there was a theatrical performance of a women in red dancing by the waterfall to Norwegian music. I did think this took away from the peaceful experience, but think it is due to the level of tourism coming through.


Rallarvegen (the Navvies Road): This train journey runs along Norway’s most popular and scenic cycling route. The lower parts of this route runs along the Flam Railway. On the way back to Flam, some people got off a stop early and enjoyed a nice walk back to Flam. We thought this was a great idea and would have done it if we knew what a nice walking path there is.

Incredible engineering: The engineering of this rail line is absolutely remarkable. The Flamsbana climbs 800 meters to Mydral. We also went through exciting tunnels and twists that made this journey pretty exciting.

Flam: Before and after our journey we spent time in this picturesque village by the Aurlandsfjord. There are quaint museums and restaurants. We had some delicious fish soup at one of the restaurants before starting our train journey. If I was staying in Flam for a few days, I would definitely recommend bringing a bike and exploring. We were only here for a day and did not have this opportunity.

The Bergen Railway: The Flam Railway is a side track to the Bergen Railway. This is a train line that runs between Bergen and Oslo.

Tickets, Reservations & Prices

The Flam Railway is considered one of Norway’s most famous tourist attractions and is open all year. There are more frequent departures during the summer months. As mentioned, it also has a connection with the Bergen Railway at Mydral station.

This train ride is not cheap and we found it to be a little expensive (550kr per person). However, I still think it was worth it for the overall experience.



You can find the exact timetables here:
Mydral – Flam
Flam – Mydral

For those travelling to or from other station on the Flam Railway you can find timetables here.

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