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The Bull and Last Pub Review, Highgate, London

Published on November 24, 2014 by admin

Sunday Lunch at The Bull & Last Pub

We visited The Bull and Last Restaurant in Highgate, London this past weekend. This gastro pub offers guests English style dishes and has been gaining a lot of attention over the past couple of months from both food critics and London foodies. We thought we would go see what all the talk is about.

The Bull and Last Pub


Our initial impressions

As soon as we walked in we were greeted and seated straight away. We were not given the menu immediately since it was still being printed and were handed it a few minutes later. With the menu being printed so regularly, it was obvious that the food was going to be seasonal and fresh!

We were seated downstairs and I never saw the upstairs dining area. It has a kind of rustic atmosphere in the downstairs area with the fireplace, wooden panelled walls and stuffed animals mounted on the wall.

It generally felt very dark and I would have liked it to be a little brighter on a rainy day. The blinds were closed shut and it was dimly lit for only being half twelve in the afternoon.

It kind of felt like visiting a ski lodge in the dead of winter. If you go with this vibe, then it is generally a really cosy and nice experience. Stuffed bull heads on the wall, intimate seating arrangements and dogs being treated kindly as they wait for people to eat.


On the menu

I was really impressed with the menu and the food being offered. We started off with some green olives, bread and a glass of wine. Then we moved on to a roast for our main. My husband had the pork and I had the beef. We both agreed this was one of the best roasts we have had in North London.

Sunday Lunch at The Bull and Last Pub in Highgate

Sunday Lunch at The Bull and Last Pub in Highgate


My lunch – the beef roast
The beef was incredibly tender and juicy and the Yorkshire pudding was huge. It was accompanied with horseradish and two mustard choices (I didn’t have to ask for any of these toppings). The vegetables were cooked to perfection and the potatoes nice and crispy. The kale wasn’t overdone but just right.

There was also a great selection of drinks available – local beers, ales and wines. We both got a glass or red wine that I thought was appropriately priced (around £5 to £6).

Roast Pork Lunch at The Bull and Last Restaurant

Roast Pork Lunch


My husband’s review of his lunch – the pork roast
“I thought the food was excellent. The pork was very tender, the vegetables weren’t overcooked which is very often the case. The roasted pears and black pudding made excellent additions to the classic roast pork accompaniments. The crackling was done to perfection. No broken teeth for me!

The presentation was also pleasing and clearly had been assembled with care. I would say overall the dish managed to tread the line between home cooked taste and quality and restaurant style presentation. And my mum can make a very good roast so I would like to think I know what I’m talking about!”



The beef was priced at £20 but was really good so we had no problem paying this price. Most of the mains were priced around £15, which seems appropriate considering the quality of the excellent food provided. You can find a copy of the online menu here with prices included.



If you are looking for a cozy place to treat yourself to a nice Sunday lunch with a friend, then I think The Bull and Last pub in Highgate is worth the visit. This pub is definitely above par compared to other local restaurants offering a Sunday roast. It put us in the winter spirit with warm food and wine.


Have you been to the Bull and Last Pub?

Please share your reviews below to offer other visitors insight into dining here.

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